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Claire Sand

Ajunct Professor

Packaging Technology and Research, USA

Economics of food waste reduction as a function of packaging solutions: building the business case for packaging solutions to food waste


Food waste reduction is the focus of much packaging innovation. However, efforts to employ packaging are often not financially viable. Many researchers have compared the environmental costs of food waste versus the environmental cost of packaging to suggest that packaging solutions target categories where the environmental cost of food waste exceeds the current environmental cost of packaging. While this explores environmental motivation to decrease food waste, it does not address the economic motivation to decrease food waste. This research reports the economic value of food waste as a function of packaging solutions for different 7 food categories and connects the environmental and economic motivation in the value chain. This effectively builds the business case for packaging solutions to food waste enabling targeted investment in packaging solutions to decrease food waste.


Dr. Claire Sand


Dr. Sand is an industry and academic leader who focuses on food packaging, food engineering, and food science. Sand integrates material science, active and intelligent packaging, ingredient technology, and food processing strategies to launch new products and extend the shelf life of existing products. Claire founded and owns Packaging Technology and Research, which provides project-based strategy, technology, consulting and coaching services to food and packaging companies. Sand’s industry experience ranges from international, research and development, market research, and marketing. Dr. Sand is also an Adjunct professor at Michigan State University and CalPoly, Packaging columnist for Food Technology, and on the Editorial Boards of Packaging Science and Technology and the Journal of Food Science, an IFT Fellow and Executive Committee member of the IFT Food Packaging Division and Phi Tau Sigma committee member, and pacFoodWaste CoChair and IUFoST Global Food Packaging Curricula Development Chair. Claire holds a Ph.D. from the University of Minnesota and MS and BS from Michigan State University. www.packagingtechnologyandresearch.com

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