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To ensure high quality high standards, we use cookies and privacy by adhering to the European Union General Data Protction Regulation (GDPR). They are categorised into 1) necessary- to run this website 2). for statistical reasons, 3). comfort settings or 4). to display personalised content. Please choose the cookies that should be allowed. However, the functionalities my be affected based on the selected cookies which affect the website performance. You can find more details in our data protection page.


These cookies are essential in order to enable you to move around the website and use its features. Without these cookies services you have asked cannot be provided


In order to improve our website, we anonymously track data for statistical and analytical purposes. With these cookies we can, for example , track the number of visits of the impact of specific pages on our web presence to optimize our content.


To give you exceptional website performance, you can use the previous entered data after revisiting the webpages. We can also detect if you need assistance while using our website and offer you online assistance via customer support or through our chat help.


This service is used to display personalised content matching your interests. We can display offers and event updates which perfectly suit your profile and try to keep you updated on the new information .