Food Contamination and Traceability Summit  2020, will be taking place at the Stadthalle-Erding Centre, located in the north of Munich. The venue is a unique location in the centre of Erding and can be reached by taxi, bus and train.

Munich Airport is 20 minutes away, the train station and manyhotels are within walking distance. Stadthalle Erding is located at the edge of the old town of Erding. The venue is decorated with elegant light wood, silver-gray granite and white marble to make it a unique venue for conferences and other events. With spacious foyers and a total of 7 flexible function rooms from the Great Hall to the small conference room covers the Stadthalle Erding up to 1000 people. The venue is fitted with professional audio-visual equipment system, with a powerful gastronomy and a friendly environment. For more details please visit:

Stadthalle Erding GmbH

Alois-Schiessl-Platz 1, 85435 Erding, Germany,

Telephone: +49 (0) 8122990712


Getting There

By Plane

Munich airport is the second largest aviation hub in the Germany. With excellent infrastructure, it is possible to fly to most of the countries around the globe. Nearly 100 different airlines serve Munich Airport and make it possible to offer cheap flights to Munich as well as comfortable business flights. Additional details can be obtained from the Munich airport website.

By Train

Munich central Train station (Munich Hauptbhanhof) is located in the heart of the heart of city with approximately 350,000 passengers every day. The station is one of the largest passenger train stations in the Germany with trains connecting both to regional and to other European countries. Upon arrival on the central train station, you can directly proceed to the Erding city which is well connected with the S-Bhan S2 Erding direction. The venue is a 10 minute walk from the Erding train station. The commonly travelled cities from Munich are Berlin, Clogne, Frankfurt, Salzburg, Stuttgart, Vienna, Zurich, Verona, Prague, and Budapest. Additional details can be obtained from the website given below

By Bus

Munich central train station known as ZOB Munich is one of the modern coach stations and offers direct access to a network of destinations throughout Germany and Europe. ZOB Munich is located right next to the Hackerbrüke station in the Ludwigvorstadt-Isarvostadt and is quick and easy to reach from to all stations in the Munich area. Central train station is at a few minutes walking distance from the ZOB.

By Car

Depending on the navigation system you use, you will find Stadthalle Erding or Alois-Schießl-Platz 1, Erding in your navigation system. At the basement of the venue is the paid parking for the city of Erding. Generally there is availability at the most of times to park the car. More details on the venue can be found from the Stadthalle Erding website.

Floor plan