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Conference Partners

Fraunhofer IVV

The Fraunhofer IVV is one of the leading food and packaging research institutes in Germany and Europe. The main Institute is located in Freising, Gemany at a distance of 25 Kms from the Franz Josef Strauß Airport, Munich. The other centres of Fraunhofer IVV are located in South Korea, Brazil, Dresden and Kempten in Germany. The Fraunhofer IVV stands for high-quality food products and safe, effective, and convenient packaging systems. Efficient use of raw materials and minimal environmental impact are priorities in all our development work. Fraunhofer IVV also transfers technologies and expertise to applications outside the food and packaging industries. Fraunhofer IVV undertakes research on innovative and sustainable material, process, and product development. The business fields provide a comprehensive and diverse range of analytical and experimental services to assist you with the advanced development and practical implementation of your product ideas.

Global Harmonization Initiative (GHI)

The Global Harmonization Initiative (GHI) is the international non-profit network of individual scientists and scientific organizations working together to promote harmonization of global food safety regulations and legislation.

GHI engages and empowers food scientists and experts in industry, government and academia to voice scientific consensus and make recommendations on food safety laws and regulations, globally. GHI aims to provide objective and fact-based advice that will help harmonize conflicting regulations and legal policies to:

1. Eliminate trade barriers that masquerade as food safety protections

2. Reduce the needless destruction of safe foods within and across international borders

3. Promote the use of innovative food safety technologies around the globe

4. Lessen the potential for foodborne illness and pandemic outbreaks

5. For more details please log on to: http://www.globalharmonization.net/

ISEKI Food Association (IFA)

ISEKI Food Association (IFA) is an independent European non-profit organisation, established in 2005 by representatives of university institutions, research institutes, companies and associations related to food, coming from all over the world.

Bridging Education, Research and Industry. The IFA mission is to support:

1. Lifelong learning in the food sector, encompassing both academia & industry

2. Teachers and Trainers to improve efficacy of teaching

3. Students to gain knowledge more easily

4. Industry staff / Food professionals to make use of research results

5. Researchers to facilitate collaboration

Industry Association for Food Technology and Packaging (IVLV)

Industry Association for Food Technology and Packaging (IVLV) is an organisation that promotes the research on the entire value chain for safely packaged foods of high and long-lasting quality. In addition to the membership and grant contributions from industry. IVLV has over 160 members benefit from the network of knowledge of the IVLV.

The participating industries are:

a). the food, pharmaceuticals,and cosmetics industries,

b). the packaging system and packaging material manufacturing industries, and the packaging engineering sector


Stadhalle Erding

Located in the north of Munich, the Stadthalle Erding is located in the centre of Erding and can be reached by taxi, bus and train. Stadhalle Erding Centre is a purpose built venue offering suitable space for conferences, concerts, musicals and many other events, catering from 5 to 800 persons.

The venue is decorated with elegant light wood, silver-gray granite and white marble to make it a unique venue for conferences and other events. With spacious foyers and a total of 7 flexible function rooms from the Great Hall to the small conference rooms. The venue is fitted with professional audio-visual equipment system, with a powerful gastronomy and a friendly environment.


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